Why Maintenance Is Still Important for Polished Concrete Flooring in New York

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Many New York homeowners and business owners ask us at Specialty Concrete Services to install polished concrete flooring because it is so durable, affordable, and easy to maintain. Despite the easy maintenance, you will still need to care for the floor. There isn’t a single type of flooring available that doesn’t require maintenance of any sort; polished concrete simply requires minimal care.

Concrete Coatings New York

Concrete Coatings New York

Not Quite Maintenance Free

Some New York contractors and flooring companies will refer to polished concrete as maintenance free, but this is not accurate. This is a common misconception among clients and contractors alike, but no flooring is capable of maintaining itself. In reality, you need to care for polished concrete flooring in a special way that just happens to be easier than the care needed for other types of hard floor coverings.

Original Installation

During the initial installation, the polished look of this particular concrete flooring is made through multiple passes of a grinding and polishing machine which has both rough and smooth diamond pads. There is a range of sheens to choose from, each with their own appearance and maintenance requirements.

Low Maintenance

A contractor, such as those from Specialty Concrete Services, will complete the installation of the flooring for you. After this, any cleaning professional can care for it. You won’t need to seal or wax the flooring. You do, however, need to follow special instructions so the surface retains the desired sheen and gloss. Every day, your cleaning team will need to dust mop, as this process gets rid of grime and dirt that can abrade your floor’s surface. You will also want to either auto scrub or wet mop the floor using a neutral cleaner. Never use a cleaner that is too alkaline or acidic since it can either dull the floor’s shine or deteriorate the concrete. During installation, your New York technicians will also suggest the type of pads to use during cleaning as these vary based on the type of polished concrete flooring installed.