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Why Is Polished Concrete Flooring the Ideal Choice for Medical and Dental Offices?

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Today, the range of new flooring materials is astounding. In place of laminate and even ceramic tile, certain industries are turning to concrete and epoxy. As an example, a large number of medical and dental offices in New York are gravitating to polished concrete flooring. Although most people know that this type of floor is beautiful, for the healthcare sector, there are many additional benefits that make it the preferred choice.

One reason why so many medical and dental offices now prefer polished concrete flooring is that it is extremely resistant to chemical spills and stains. Considering that these facilities work with a variety of chemicals during the course of standard care, it is important to have a floor that can be cleaned up quickly and easily without leaving an unsightly stain behind.

Polished concrete flooring is also strong, durable, and long-lasting. Even smaller medical and dental clinics see a significant amount of foot traffic on a daily basis. That coupled with the fact that equipment is often moved around and patients visit in wheelchairs, the floor must be able to withstand ongoing use and abuse.

The one challenge that most clinics struggle with is providing their patients with a sanitary environment without looking and feeling sterile. When treating children, who tend to be afraid of going to the doctor or dentist, a sterile-looking environment only intensifies their fears. To solve this problem, clinics are choosing concrete floors that are polished, as well as colored, textured, or patterned. When patients walk in the door, they immediately relax.

To create the shine that this type of floor is well known for, diamond abrasives are used. Depending on how coarse the grit is, the installer produces a slight sheen or a surface that is almost mirror-like. When enhanced with a color, texture, or pattern, the floor immediately gains more character. For a dynamic aesthetic, some New York medical and dental offices mix and match. That means that the waiting room, children’s play area, and patient rooms all have a unique aesthetic while still being cohesive.

Proper sanitation is the most important reason why New York clinics choose polished concrete flooring. The healthcare sector is mandated by law to maintain a sanitary and clean environment. Not only is it easy to clean, the floor is nonporous. Therefore, it does not pose a health risk to patients. What it comes down to is that this particular flooring system provides an all-inclusive solution for medical and dental offices throughout the state of New York and beyond.