Why Epoxy Paint Is Recommended for Warehouse Flooring in New York

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While New York warehouse flooring does not necessarily need to have a high-end look as is required in a retail setting or a showroom, it should have a professional look and be able to be easily cleaned. Additionally, it is important to ensure the floor in a warehouse is completely level, as there is often a lot of traffic. A strong floor profile also makes it easier to create the best possible flow of movement. Floors that have holes or are rough tend to increase the chance of equipment damage. For this reason, epoxy paint is highly recommended for use in warehouse flooring in New York.

Epoxy in Airport Hanger Warehouse NY

Epoxy in Airport Hanger Warehouse NY

Benefits of Epoxy Paint for Warehouse Flooring in New York

One of the most common reasons for choosing epoxy paint for warehouse flooring is it is much faster and easier to clean an epoxy floor. Among the characteristics of epoxy floors is a nonporous surface, which makes it possible to not only block liquids but also prevent liquids from being absorbed into your flooring. When a liquid is spilled on an epoxy floor, it will immediately bead up, which makes for much easier cleanup. Epoxy flooring also offers the benefit of durability when compared to regular flooring.


In order to take advantage of the many benefits offered by epoxy paint, however, it is important to ensure that the job is performed according to your specific needs. If you are considering having epoxy floors installed in you warehouse, it is important to let us know what type of equipment you typically use as well as the weight of the equipment to be used in your facility. This will help us to ensure that your floor will be able to handle the traffic your facility typically receives.

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