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Why Epoxy Coatings Are the Perfect Solution for Animal Shelters in Albany

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Within the past several years, more and more animal shelters around the country have made moves to create spaces that are better for the animals and potential adopters. Today, this trend is continuing, as seen in Albany, New York. There, some shelters have discovered the benefits that go hand in hand with epoxy coatings.

One of the primary benefits of using epoxy in animal shelters is that instead of dogs and cats being forced to walk and sleep on hard surfaces, epoxy is more comfortable. This increased comfort, combined with the fact that volunteers so graciously provide bedding, has a direct effect on their overall demeanor. Ultimately, this helps boost the number of adoptions.

Something else to consider is that epoxy is easy to clean and maintain. Because of the natural conditions in animal shelters, keeping kennels clean is an exhausting task. The great thing about epoxy coatings is that small messes are cleaned using a dry or damp cloth, whereas, for larger messes, an individual can use a garden hose to spray the surface down. Because this type of flooring is nonporous and seamless, there is never damage caused from liquids penetrating the surface.

For potential adopters, epoxy offers benefits, as well. For instance, this type of flooring comes in multiple colors or color combinations. Also, the installer can add metallic flakes for yet another beautiful aesthetic. By creating a more people-friendly environment, individuals interested in adopting feel welcomed and confident in the shelter itself. A clean and colorful floor encourages potential adopters to stay longer. That means they spend more time looking at all of the animals, not just those in first few rows.

For people who work in Albany animal shelters, epoxy coatings provide a better environment. Employees have a better attitude, which reflects on their interactions with the animals and the people who want to take a dog or cat home. With so many benefits, it is easy to see why so many facilities are choosing epoxy for their flooring solution.

Because epoxy coatings are stain resistant, they retain their beautiful color for years. Instead of being greeted by a dirty and smelly floor, potential adopters will be impressed years down the road. What it comes down to is that the more comfortable people are, the better chance animals have in finding new forever homes. For the best results, a professional installer should apply epoxy using a high-quality product.