Why Densified Concrete Is the Right Choice for Warehouse Flooring

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When choosing flooring for your New York warehouse, you have plenty of options. Concrete is perhaps the most popular option due to its durability, easy maintenance, and low cost. Even after choosing to use concrete, however, you will need to consider a few other issues. Here are just a few reasons to make sure your next warehouse floor is densified concrete.

Sustainability Through Durability

Most New York companies use heavy machinery in their warehouse, and this can quickly take a toll on the flooring if it isn’t up to the challenge. Densified concrete floors, however, are strong enough to stand up to the test of pallet jacks and forklifts. With densified concrete, a solids coating is not applied, but instead, crystals are formed within the pores of the concrete itself enabling the concrete substrate to become even stronger, minimizing wear and tear no matter how heavy the load a forklift is carrying. Densified concrete from Specialty Concrete Services will easily withstand everyday wear in a warehouse. Because this type of warehouse flooring is so sturdy and durable, it is also sustainable. Consider that concrete buildings from over 1,500 years ago still stand today. This means that when you use the technology of densified concrete, it is less likely to need to be replaced. That in turn saves you money and reduces the need for materials in the future, helping the planet.

Simple Maintenance

Warehouse flooring that is densified will also be incredibly easy to care for. You will just need dust mop regularly and use soap or neutral cleaner and water to mop the floors.   Keep in mind that the areas of your warehouse with high traffic may need more frequent cleanings, but even then, it will be a matter of minutes as opposed to hours.  Densified surfaces work well to prevent stains from spills and prevent moisture from penetrating into the surface.