Why Decorative Concrete Should Be the First Step for a Basement Renovation

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A basement renovation is one of the best methods for increasing the amount of living space in your home without incurring the costs associated with adding onto your home. By utilizing space that is already present in your home, you can easily add extra usable space for a rec room, family room, multiuse room, or additional bedroom. Regardless of how you choose to renovate your basement, every basement renovation project starts with the floor. Most homes feature a basement with a concrete block foundation on footings with a poured concrete floor. If your home is older, however, it might include a foundation along with a dirt basement floor. This means that when you embark on the process of renovating your basement, you will need to make plans to have a floor poured. Even if your basement already has a concrete floor, it will need to be inspected to determine whether it needs to be replaced or repaired.

Concrete Floors Albany

Concrete Floors Albany

Decorative concrete can oftentimes be a good solution when renovating your Albany basement. This is particularly true in cases where your basement floor may be cracking or is simply unsightly due to age. If the floor is structurally sound, there is no need to replace it in order to improve aesthetics. Decorative concrete allows you to improve the look of even cracked concrete floors by choosing from an array of design options.

The first step to determining the possible options for your basement floor is to have an experienced concrete contractor inspect it. At Specialty Concrete Services, we frequently install decorative concrete flooring in a variety of settings, including basements. After inspecting your floor, we will be able to let you know whether it is sound enough to utilize decorative concrete techniques or whether it should be replaced.

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