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Why Concrete Countertops in New York Bars Help Boost Business

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While it may sound strange that concrete countertops help boost business, they do. For New York restaurants and bars, every design element counts. Windows, floors, lighting, décor, and, yes, countertops are what define the space and play a key role in a customer’s overall experience.

What makes concrete countertops in New York restaurants and bars unique is their high level of versatility. Because of that, you can end up with something unique for your restaurant or bar as opposed to just another countertop like other establishments nearby. By hiring a company like Specialty Concrete Services, the sky is the limit. Instead of plain gray, polished concrete countertops can be colored and patterned based on your exact specifications. With a mirror-like finish, customers see light and movement from different design elements in the room.

By choosing concrete countertops for your New York restaurant or bar, the applicator can work with a single color or mix other colors for a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Another option is to have different designs in the countertop. For instance, you might choose a deep red that swirls along the surface coupled with two complementary colors in a coordinating design.

Even if you stick with gray, concrete countertops for New York restaurants and bars can be enhanced with flake colors, embossing, marbling, stamping, and more. If your business has a specific theme, the experts can incorporate a matching design. As an example, if you serve fresh seafood, a concrete countertop stamped with seahorses, shells, or natural aggregate would create something special for your customers to enjoy.

You can also have your company logo embossed, if preferred. The goal when choosing concrete countertops in New York is to think of things that your customers will appreciate. The more interesting your place is, the more people will come.