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What Types of Industries in Albany Depend on Commercial Polished Concrete?

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When it comes to commercial concrete, you may be surprised at the different industries in Albany that either require or prefer it. While commonly used for residential purposes, polished concrete has become one of the top choices for many businesses in multiple industries. With so many advantages, including a beautiful aesthetic, high resistance to scratches and stains, and incredible strength and durability, it is easy to understand why. Following are just a few examples of industries that rely on commercial polished concrete.

  • Automotive Industry – Many types of businesses in the automotive industry use commercial polished concrete as a flooring solution. For instance, polished concrete is a top choice for car dealership showrooms, where its shine highlights vehicles and their features. This decorative flooring is also used in service centers to enhance waiting areas and offices.
  • Food Industry – Owners of restaurants and bars in Albany also love commercial polished In this highly competitive industry, business owners have to step up their game if they want to retain their current customers while attracting new customers. Beautiful flooring and décor naturally draw people to certain restaurants and bars.
  • Manufacturing Industry – Regardless of the product, commercial polished concrete is an outstanding choice for the manufacturing industry. Not only is this flooring solution used in offices, waiting areas, and lunchrooms, it is a great choice for the main work floor. In that case, a quality polished floor helps boost employee morale, which increases production. With a nonslip additive, this type of decorative flooring reduces the risk of falls and slips.
  • Service Industry – For all types of service-related businesses, including retail shops, laundromats, day spas, beauty salons, barber shops, and so on, a shiny and beautifully colored floor is essential. In this industry, the right floor can actually bolster sales.

Additional industries that use commercial polished concrete include medical and dental, air transportation, insurance, legal, banking, and public relations.