What Options are Available for Concrete Floor Coatings in New York?

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When it comes to concrete coatings for New York homes and businesses, people have the same options as anywhere else in the country. However, because New Yorkers are not afraid to show their creativity, it is common to find more unique and innovative design effects. For this reason, it might appear as if there are more concrete coating possibilities in this part of the country.

Concrete Floor Coatings in New York

Concrete Floor Coatings in New York

The term “concrete coatings” falls into one of two categories: thin or thick film. Thin film coatings are approximately one millimeter and include thin-film penetrating sealer or acrylic. This type of coating can penetrate a concrete surface up to four inches. Because it resists deicing materials and moisture, it is ideal for driveways. Thick-film concrete coatings are two to three millimeters or higher for each layer. These coatings are resins which, at the time of application, are combined with a hardener.

  • Water-Based Acrylic – These concrete coatings used in New York dry clear and fast.
  • Solvent-Based Acrylics – Although these coatings also dry quickly, they are more effective at resisting stains than water-based acrylic coatings. They also penetrate concrete better and produce a deeper translucent colored finish.
  • Epoxy Resins – There are many benefits associated with epoxies. For instance, they bond extremely well to a properly prepared concrete surface, they automatically fill cracks and pits, they are self-leveling, and they are long lasting. Epoxy coatings for your New York home also resist wear and tear, as well as chemicals, oils, impact, and stains.
  • Polyurethane – Because polyurethane coatings do not bond well to concrete, a special bonding agent is required. In addition, these coatings do not fill cracks and pits, they are not self-leveling, and compared to epoxy, they are not as moisture-tolerant. However, they are wear, oil, impact, chemical, and stain resistant.
  • Silane/Siloxane Coatings – The coatings that fall within these groups offer excellent protection against salt damage and they repel water, making them a great choice for any outdoor concrete surface.