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What Can Albany Homeowners Do to Make Their Concrete Patios Unique from Others?

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Concrete patios

Concrete patios

No residents of Albany, New York, want to live right next door to someone who has a patio that is a perfect replica of their own. By nature, people appreciate individuality. If you notice that everyone’s concrete patios in your neighborhood are identical, please know that you have some incredible options for being unique.

You can completely transform your patio, making it look different from others without making any structural changes. To accomplish this, you want to focus on changes that can be made to the concrete itself. For example, in place of the standard dull, gray flooring found on most concrete patios, consider having your floor acid stained, stamped, or stenciled. Even though these techniques are somewhat different, they all produce amazing results and come in various colors.

In addition to the floor, consider making changes to the concrete walls, columns, and countertops. Just as you did with your patio floors, other concrete surfaces can be transformed using various decorative techniques. For something special, you might think about having the installer add aggregates in the form of small pebbles, seashells, or colored glass to the mix, creating a one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

Changing out the furniture or adding a fire pit or waterfall element would also make your space stand out from other concrete patios in your Albany neighborhood. In fact, if you want to go all out, hang a flat-screen television over the fireplace. If you have no outdoor fireplace, have one wall wired for electricity.

To make your outdoor living space unique from all other concrete patios, you also want to incorporate beautiful lighting. Once all of the combined changes are complete, do not be surprised if you start to notice some of your neighbors following suit.