Floor Microtopping

What Are Microtoppings and What Advantages Do They Offer Rexford Homeowners?

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Microtoppings are a type of concrete overlay used for both indoor and outdoor applications. As a film that goes on top of an existing concrete surface, they create a clean canvas on which other decorative treatments can be applied. Depending on the look you want to achieve, a professional installer can enhance this overlay using dyes, stains, and even stenciled patterns.

Depending on the product, some come pre-colored, while for others, integral color gets added. For the latter, the expert can customize a look based on your preference. For instance, that individual can control the degree of color or use different color variations to create a layered effect of varying hues.

Advantages of Microtoppings

There are numerous advantages to microtopping overlays. They will add richness and warmth to your Rexford home. Once it is professionally applied, the overlay will transform your concrete surface. For instance, when used in a hearth room, the environment’s look and feel becomes more inviting. Although a lot of people use microtoppings to create floors with a sophisticated appearance, they complement any style and décor.

As mentioned, an expert installer can apply microtoppings to indoor and outdoor surfaces. Because of that, you can enhance any room inside of your Rexford home, as well as a patio area, courtyard, walkway, pool deck, and more outside. For a complete makeover, this type of decorative concrete overlay is hard to beat.

Although microtoppings often get applied in layers as thin as 20 mils, an expert can add more than one coat to create a troweled or textured appearance. Combine that with the right color, and you end up with beautiful yet unique floors. Instead of going with a more traditional flooring system, microtoppings are extraordinary. Once applied, they are also easy to clean and maintain, adding even more value.

For ideas on using microtoppings at your Rexford home, research online or speak with a professional installer or reputable company that sells high-quality products. With so much versatility, you can get as creative as you like.