Ways to Make Concrete Patios in New York Stand Out

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Concrete Patio Overlay

Concrete Patios Overlay

The last thing you want is a patio that looks nearly identical to others in the neighborhood. Of course, you also do not want a patio that looks and feels dull, outdated, or tired. The good news: There are ways to transform concrete patios in New York so they have unique character and personality.

For starters, you can choose a cohesive design. Instead of having a patio that looks disjointed, your contractor can apply the same technique and color or complementary techniques and colors to virtually all concrete surfaces, including your patio floor, walls, and countertops. When done correctly, this is an amazing way to enhance your outdoor space.

Something else to consider is color. In fact, many New York homeowners are choosing vibrant colors for their concrete patios. Although you have a wonderful selection of colors that are subtler, you can always go with bold colors, like green, gold, black, red, and umber, that bring the entire patio area to life. Especially if you enjoy entertaining, color makes the patio feel warm and inviting.

Another way to make concrete patios in New York unique is by having a one-of-a-kind design created. You want to consider the size and shape of the patio, landscaping, swimming pool or fountain, and even architectural elements of the home itself. For instance, your contractor could create a “yellow brick road.” Using a beautiful golden yellow color, there would be a starting point in the center of the patio that begins to wind and widen until reaching the desired stopping point.

Mixing and matching aggregate is another great way to create an amazing patio. A blend of smooth and exposed as well as big and small aggregates would make the space more interesting. You will also find that cleaning the floor after a get-together is easier with this option.

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