Using the Right Materials for Concrete Floor Repair

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Concrete floor repair can be an excellent option for avoiding the need to rip up an existing floor and replace it with new concrete. To ensure the best results for concrete floor repair in Albany, it is important to ensure the right materials are used. Over the past few years, some excellent concrete repair materials have been introduced to the market. Such materials include polymers that offer incredible durability and higher bond strength.

Concrete Floor Overlay Repair Albany NY

Concrete Floor Overlay Repair

Most of the concrete floor repair materials available are polymer-modified concrete. This means that the base of the material is an aggregate mixture and Portland concrete along with the addition of a polymer. In most cases, the polymer in question is latex.

In choosing concrete floor repair materials for Albany projects, it’s important to be aware of what the intent for the project is prior to selecting a repair material. For instance, does a crack simply need to be covered up, or does it need to be bonded together? The timeline for completing the project should also be considered. How quickly does the concrete repair need to obtain full strength?

Among the most important characteristics of a quality concrete repair material is whether it provides low shrinkage. Since the concrete mix has already experienced shrinkage, the potential for debonding and failure of the repair increases if the repair material should shrink. Along those same lines, consider the strength of the bond. For instance, is the concrete repair material being used resistant to freezing and thawing? In concrete floor repair projects in Albany, this can be quite important. In addition, consider whether the material will allow for water vapor transmission. When water vapor pressure occurs within the concrete matrix, extremely high pressures can be created. The pressure can be strong enough to cause many repair materials to debond.

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