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Using Concrete Overlays in New York to Enhance and Protect High-Traffic Floors

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Concrete overlays

Concrete overlays

Many New York businesses see a tremendous amount of foot, equipment, and vehicle traffic. For example, many retail shops are extremely busy all year round. Because of this, the right floors are essential. Concrete overlays for New York businesses, whether small or large, are a perfect solution when combating the effects of high traffic. However, overlays are also beneficial in commercial and industrial environments.

In most cases, decorative overlays can be applied to virtually any concrete surface. However, the condition of the existing concrete is the determining factor. In addition to being a great choice for businesses with high traffic, overlays are available in a broad range of finishes and textures, including ultra-smooth and heavily textured.

Beyond aesthetics, one of the huge attractions of concrete overlays in New York businesses with high traffic is the fact that they are strong and durable and have a long lifespan. By having overlays applied by a qualified professional, they will last indefinitely under heavy foot, equipment, and vehicle traffic.

Many applicators recommend a sealer or some type of quality polish coating. For areas with significant traffic, this bolsters the level of existing protection. Keep in mind that once the floors begin to show any sign of wear and tear, a new layer of sealer or polish should be applied. That way, the floors will continue to provide flawless service while looking great.

When concrete overlays in New York businesses are exposed to spills, such as water, grease, oil, and other substances, a high-quality sealer is imperative. Again, this will keep the floors in pristine condition. The challenge with high-traffic areas is that other flooring systems begin to break down prematurely, but this is not the case with professionally installed concrete overlays.