Concrete Floor Coatings in New York

Using Concrete for Floor Renovations in Albany

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Floor Renovation with Concrete

Floor Renovation with Concrete

For new flooring, you have many options, including carpeting, tile, marble, hardwood, granite, slate, and more. However, one of the most popular materials for floor renovations in Albany, New York, is concrete. Forget about the drab, gray concrete seen on sidewalks. With decorative concrete products, you can have a beautifully colored and designed floor that completely transforms your home or business.

Why Concrete Makes Perfect Sense

The list of benefits associated with concrete for Albany floor renovations is impressive. For starters, concrete flooring is strong and durable. As a result, this material is the perfect choice for homes, as well as various business, commercial, and industrial facilities.

Other reasons that concrete is commonly used for floor renovations in Albany include that it is naturally resistant to spills when properly sealed and works well with radiant heat. The fact that concrete is eco-friendly causes many to choose this material. One of the more exciting reasons for choosing concrete is the wide spectrum of color and design options.

Color and Design Options for Concrete Flooring

For color, the experts at Specialty Concrete Services offer different methods, including integral, dye, stain, paint, and colored hardener.

You can also choose from many incredible patterns based on the look and feel that you want to achieve. For example, you can go with polished concrete, which has a beautiful, smooth surface. You also can choose stamped or stenciled concrete. For these choices, the surface is designed by scoring or patterning. It can be made to resemble natural materials, such as hardwood, brick, tile, slate, and stone.

Today, many Albany home and business owners go with concrete that includes aggregates for their floor renovations. By adding crushed gravel or stone, the floor will have a unique appearance. As for color choices, you can create a space that feels warm and inviting, fun and exciting, or sophisticated and elegant.


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