Understanding the 3 Most Important Factors for Polished Concrete

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While polished concrete flooring in New York businesses and homes can provide a durable surface, over time, depending on the traffic it receives, it will begin to wear down and will eventually lose its shine. This is why it is so important for polished concrete flooring to be properly maintained to ensure it does not lose its shine while conserving its beautiful finish for many years. Three factors can prove to be vital to maintaining the beauty of polished concrete flooring in New York businesses and homes.

Establishing a Maintenance Schedule for Polished Concrete Flooring

It is vital that you establish a regular maintenance schedule for your polished concrete flooring. New York business owners and homeowners will find it to be helpful to work with their concrete services contractor to determine the best type of maintenance schedule based on the specific polishing processed used during installation. When it comes to cleaning polished concrete flooring, it is important to clean spills as quickly as they occur to reduce the chance of staining occurring. Floors should be mopped with a mop that is slightly damp but not soaking wet. Acidic cleaners should never be used on polished concrete floors.

Burnishing Polished Concrete Flooring

A number of factors can affect the gloss level of polished concrete flooring. Flooring that receives particularly high levels of traffic may need to be burnished more frequently in order for gloss levels to be maintained. Burnishing is commonly performed twice annually, however your polished concrete contractor will advise you for your particular situation.

Testing Your Polished Concrete Flooring

Having your polished concrete flooring tested can provide vital information regarding the overall performance of your floor and whether your current maintenance program is working as well as it should. Such tests may be performed after your polished concrete flooring has been completed and can be continued throughout the life of your flooring.