Stamped Concrete

Types of Businesses that Prefer Stamped Concrete in New York over Other Flooring Systems

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Today there are many innovative flooring solutions available. One of the most popular is known as stamped concrete, which is used to replicate the appearance of various natural materials. For instance, depending on the way this type of concrete floor is installed, it will ultimately look like brick, slate, tile, wood, natural stone, and so on. Although stamped concrete floors have been popular throughout New York for some time, there seem to be some businesses that appreciate them most.

At the top of the list are restaurants and bars. If you think about these establishments, not only are they selling great food, drinks, and service, they are selling an overall experience. This is why when you walk into different restaurants and bars, they all have a unique décor, color scheme, and theme.

What makes stamped concrete floors such an incredible option for New York restaurants and bars is that literally 20 establishments all selling the same time of cuisine within a 10-mile radius could each have an individual look and feel. The reason is that in addition to the replicated pattern, stamped concrete floors can be colored.

Bed and breakfast inns within the state of New York are another type of business that prefers stamped concrete floors. Due to the versatility of this flooring system, the inns look gorgeous, whether rustic, modern, transitional, beachside, or something else. Even professional businesses, such as law firms, CPA firms, talent agencies, marketing firms, and others in New York recognize the value that stamped concrete floors provide.

The fact is that while you might see stamped concrete floors more often in the types of New York businesses mentioned, this same flooring system is an ideal choice for homes as well. In fact, stamped concrete can be applied to both indoor and outdoor surfaces, making this an all-around great choice.