Decorative concrete overlays in airport

Turn Up the Style in New York Airport VIP Lounges with Decorative Concrete

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Decorative concrete overlays in airport

Decorative concrete overlays in airport

When thinking about a VIP lounge in an airport, you probably envision a luxurious space. While some lounges are just that, others lack style and personality. Because airlines are currently in a hugely competitive race, it is important that they step up their game both in the air and on the ground. That means better in-flight service, onboard meals, more comfortable waiting areas, and enhanced VIP lounges.

Transforming an outdated or drab floor is an excellent way to add more style to a VIP lounge. Especially in places like New York where lounges are considered prestigious, the goal is to provide guests with a more enjoyable, relaxing, and upscale experience. Since there are endless possibilities for color, texture, pattern, and design, concrete floors will enrich any lounge, regardless of the color scheme, theme, or decor.

Both epoxy and polished concrete floors will surpass expectations for an airport VIP lounge. These floors are strong; durable; long lasting; and resistant to impacts, water, grease, oil, and stains. They are also easy to maintain, which makes it easier for the cleaning crew to keep the lounge in pristine condition.

Polished concrete has a very sophisticated aesthetic. For any New York airport with a VIP lounge that is typically used more by airline crewmembers and high-profile guests, this flooring system is ideal. For a more dynamic design, color and texture can be added to the formula prior to the application process. Even the sheen can be customized, giving the surface a slight glossy or a mirror-like finish.

Epoxy is also a great choice for a VIP lounge. This flooring solution can be enhanced using various colors, textures, and patterns. One difference between the two is that epoxy is naturally slip-resistant, which reduces the risk of an accidental injury. For VIP lounges that are commonly used by paying guests, epoxy concrete floors would probably be a better match.