Top Reasons Why Polished Concrete in New York Businesses Makes Perfect Sense

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Are you tired of your current floors and want something that looks great but also wears well? If so, polished concrete floors are the perfect solution. Especially for businesses that need to make an impression on demanding clients, or for those with a tremendous amount of foot traffic, these floors outshine and outperform others.

Concrete polishing

The most obvious reason why an increasingly large number of New York businesses are choosing polished concrete floors has to do with the aesthetics. For many professional businesses like law firms, marketing agencies, and CPA firms, it is important for the office to look professional. After all, these are places where both potential and existing clients come to discuss or finalize big deals. Providing clients with a professional environment is what sets the standard, at least in their minds, of the caliber of service that these businesses offer.

Another reason why polished concrete floors make perfect sense for New York businesses was already suggested. When properly sealed, these floors are extremely strong and durable. As a result, they can withstand the amount of abuse that comes from daily foot traffic. For example, courthouses, stock market firms, trading centers, ad agencies, and a host of other businesses need a floor that looks amazing, but at the same time will stand up to people coming and going all day long.

There is also cleaning and maintenance to consider. Although some colored polished floors may show dirt a little more than others, most of these floors only require sweeping and damp mopping as needed. This means that the actual polished surface will remain its glossy finish without a lot of care. Of course, it is recommended for New York businesses to have polished concrete floors sealed every few years or as indicated by the installer or manufacturer of the product used.

The overall versatility of polished concrete floors is probably one of the biggest reasons why New York businesses should consider them. These floors can be designed using a broad range of colors or color combinations that, when complete, produce a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. With a variegated and marbled effect, no two floors look alike.

Of course, if business owners want something extraordinary, they can always have polished concrete floors enhanced with some other type of decorative concrete. This creates interest and personality that helps businesses stand apart from their competition. If preferred, even beautiful graphics can be created specific to the business, which helps make an even better impression.