Top Floor Renovations in New York That Pay Off

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Polished Concrete Floor

Polished Concrete Floor Renovations

Throughout New York, it is common to find home and business owners making upgrades to their flooring. In fact, floor renovations are one of the top projects in New York. For some people, a new floor is needed because the building is old. However, other people simply want to change the look of an existing floor so that it better matches their personal taste. Regardless of the reason for renovations, a new floor will completely transform any room.

Without question, one of the best options is to have a new concrete floor installed. As a sustainable material, concrete is an excellent choice for any space. Concrete flooring is also easy to care for; it can be beautifully stained, colored, stamped, and stenciled; and it will last for 100 years or longer. Even if cracks and pits appear over time, concrete flooring is easily repaired.

Going with a high-sheen concrete floor will also pay off. The immediate benefit is that the home or business owner gets to enjoy the magnificent shine. In addition, the aesthetics will last. That means that future owners will benefit from the work that you had done. A glossy floor is not only gorgeous but also a great selling point.

Floor renovations in New York that use complementary materials are also an excellent consideration. Keep in mind that if you plan to sell the home or business sometime in the future, it would probably be best to stick with a more neutral color scheme. However, by using mixed aggregates or colors and patterns, even subtle colors are enticing. A great example is a primary floor area that resembles marble that is then perfectly bordered with a similar but denser pattern.

For floor renovations in New York involving the kitchen, you want a color and pattern that is warm and inviting. After all, the kitchen is the one room in the house where people congregate most. For example, an amber or golden brown colored floor with a matching or complementary countertop would be stunning. This is something that would appeal to everyone, whether the existing owner or future buyer.

Although many people focus on the interior of the home when it comes to floor renovations in New York, you should also consider making changes to the outdoor patio. Especially if you spend a great deal of time gathering with family or entertaining friends, a beautifully colored and patterned concrete floor will enhance the experience.

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