Tips to Help Concrete Floor Contractors in Albany Plan for the Installation of Concrete Floors

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Unlike other types of flooring, the process of installing decorative concrete flooring can vary significantly from one job to another. In planning for installation, concrete floor contractors in Albany must take a variety of factors into consideration. The additional time involved planning for the installation of a decorative concrete floor is certainly worth the effort.

Decorative Concrete Projects New York

Decorative Concrete Projects New York

In small projects, such as basement floors, the timeline for installing a decorative concrete floor can be just a couple of days. When planning for more complex projects, concrete floor contractors in Albany will need to allow for a longer timeline, as the process may involve applying multiple dye or stain colors, overlays, custom graphics, decorative sawcuts, etc.

Other factors can also impact the time necessary for completing a project, including the condition of the existing concrete substrate. In cases in which the concrete slab is prepared for polishing, staining, or applying an overlay or decorative coating, the project can typically be completed in a relatively short time. Conversely, if the concrete substrate requires extensive repair or preparation, an additional day or two should be added to the schedule.

In new buildings or homes with newly poured concrete floors, it will also be necessary to allow sufficient time for the concrete to cure completely prior to applying a decorative treatment. All drywall should also be installed, taped, and sanded prior to applying decorative treatments to concrete flooring to avoid potential damage to the drywall during the installation process. Talk with your contractor about what is the best schedule for installation.

Several other factors may influence the length of time required to install a decorative concrete floor, including ease of accessibility. Concrete floor contractors in Albany should also consider the length of required dry times between each step of the process, such as the amount of time required for stain coats to dry prior to applying sealers.

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