Tips for Working with Concrete Microtoppings and Skim Coats

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Decorative concrete treatments, including stenciled patterns, dyes, and stains, are popular options for all types of flooring projects in Albany, including residential and commercial. In order to achieve the best results, it’s important first to create a clean canvas for applying decorative treatments. Skim coats and concrete toppings are ideal for creating the canvas needed for applying treatments in Albany flooring projects. Among the most popular applications for concrete toppings in Albany are the addition of color and offering slip resistance and texture for patios and pool decks.

Concrete MicroTopping in NewYork

Concrete MicroTopping in NewYork

A variety of tools can be used for applying concrete micro-toppings, including brushes, squeegees, trowels, and rollers. The chosen tool will usually depend on the desired look to be achieved. Micro-toppings are often applied in extremely thin layers of just 20 mils. An alternate application process is to apply multiple coats in order to create a troweled or textured finish. Proper surface preparation is essential to achieving a successful outcome. Following application, concrete micro-toppings can be colored topically using dyes or concrete stains.

In some instances, problems can occur when applying concrete micro-toppings and skim coats. One of the most common issues is the appearance of light lines on the surface of the flooring. This is known as shadowing or ghosting, which appears from the substrate. Any difference in porosity on the flooring substrate will result in such ghosting or shadowing. This often occurs when there is some type of tile present on the substrate prior to applying the micro-topping. The best way to avoid this problem is to apply a high-build primer and bonding complete with a scratch coat or a crack-suppression membrane to the floor. Doing so will create an impermeable layer to prevent any shadowing or ghosting from being visible.

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