Decorative Concrete Floor in Restaurant

Tips for Choosing the Right Concrete Finishes for Restaurants in Rexford

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Most restaurants have a unique style. Although some are relatively modern, the majority stick with traditional colors and décor. If you have a restaurant and bar like this in Rexford, it is important to choose the right concrete finishes. Otherwise, they would stand out, making the interior of the business look odd and disconnected.

To start with, you need to choose the right product. If you are ready to update the appearance of your restaurant in Rexford, focus on the floors and bar countertops. These two things combined will give your establishment a different look and feel, one that promotes the business and entices people inside.

Polished concrete is an excellent choice for your floors. The reason is that many restaurants feature shiny décor. With a mirror-like finish, your new polished floors would fit right in. You also have a broad range of color options. To coordinate with your existing theme, you can choose a bright red, orange, or yellow, or something subtle, like amber or dark green.

Epoxy concrete coatings are excellent. In addition to being durable and long lasting, epoxy comes in a host of beautiful colors. The installer also can add metallic flakes in whatever volume you want. As a result, your new countertops would sparkle, giving your restaurant a unique aesthetic.

Another reason for choosing epoxy concrete coatings is that they are resistant to things like abrasions, stains, moisture, and impacts. Because of that, you never have to worry about their appearance deteriorating, stains from spilled food or drinks, or damage from dropped glasses, plates, or silverware.

You might also consider acid-stained concrete floors for your restaurant and bar. In this case, the stain penetrates the concrete, thereby becoming a permanent color. What makes acid-stain unique is that once it penetrates, it reacts with a chemical in the concrete, producing a gorgeous variegated effect.