Tips for Avoiding Problems with Epoxy Coatings on Rexford NY Floors

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Epoxy Floor Coating in a Garage Workshop

Epoxy Floor Coating in a Garage Workshop

Due to high demands associated with production facilities, hotels, mechanic shops, hospitals, auto dealers, airports, schools, workshops, warehouses, and even personal garages, epoxy floors are commonly used. This flooring is made from a combination of hardener and resin that, once mixed, chemically react to form an extremely rigid plastic material.

Epoxy floors are strong as well as resistant to various forms of degradation. Although this type of flooring is highly beneficial, problems with epoxy coatings in Rexford can arise.

Insightful Tips

  • Flooring Preparation – Good preparation of the concrete surface is the best way to avoid problems with epoxy coatings. The surface must be clean and smooth but also free of waxes, oils, and other contaminants.
  • Delamination or Peeling – Delamination or peeling is another common problem. When applied by a professional, epoxy coatings in Rexford are tough and tenacious. However, an ill-prepared surface, moisture beneath any part of the concrete slab, presence of oil or other contaminants, breakdown of calcium at the surface that exposes open pores, and previously sealed and acid-etched flooring all cause big problems.
  • Moisture Content – Concrete must dry a minimum of 24 hours after being acid etched, longer in some cases due to temperature/humidity. When moisture becomes trapped within concrete pores, it eventually rises to the surface. If epoxy coatings are applied while moisture is trapped, bubbles will be present in the finish.
  • Epoxy Stretching – Having the appropriate amount of product will also prevent problems. Unfortunately, many do-it-yourselfers have learned the hard way that stretching out epoxy in an attempt to cover an area when running low leads to disaster. This causes the coating to weaken and become porous.
  • Improper Mixing – There is actually an art to mixing epoxy coating. When mixed too quickly, the air becomes trapped, followed by bubbles rising to the surface during application. To avoid this, your contractor will mix the correct amount of hardener and resin at a slower speed and avoid entraining air.
  • Restrictions for Temperature/Humidity – Epoxy coatings in Rexford must be applied according to the manufacturer’s recommendations for temperature and humidity. When applied during hot temperatures, the time allotted for application decreases by as much as 50 percent, making the epoxy impossible to work with. For high levels of humidity, a layer of moisture unseen by the naked eye develops at the surface, creating adhesive issues, followed by delamination or peeling.

To avoid problems with epoxy coatings in Rexford, always hire a reputable company, such as Specialty Concrete Services.

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