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The Primary Reasons Why Concrete Driveways Are a Better Choice Than Asphalt for Albany Homeowners

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While plenty of homes in Albany have asphalt driveways, there has been a significant jump in the number of homeowners turning to concrete driveways. Both surfaces are designed to provide protection while giving people a smooth and level place to park. However, when comparing the two, concrete provides several noteworthy benefits.

To start with, when asphalt is installed, it produces a foul odor that lingers for quite some time. The reason is that asphalt is made from a mixture of sand that has been fused with leftover production material, including diesel, gasoline, and kerosene. In comparison, concrete is comprised of sand and gravel, so there is no pungent odor, nor are homeowners breathing in toxic chemicals during the installation process.

Another benefit of concrete driveways is that they will last anywhere from 30 to 40 years, unlike asphalt, which has a relatively short lifespan. In addition, asphalt must be treated every few years to maintain its protective ability while Albany homeowners never have to worry about concrete. One exception is that if decorative concrete is applied, the surface should be properly sealed.

While concrete driveways stand up well to extreme cold and heat, asphalt softens when temperatures soar or in direct sunlight. Eventually, this creates an uneven surface. This also leaves a thin layer of material on tires, which is noticeable as marks when people pull in and out of the driveway. Even the maintenance of concrete is much easier than asphalt.

One last benefit worth mentioning is that Albany residents can opt to have concrete driveways colored or textured, something impossible with asphalt. That means instead of having a cookie-cutter driveway, homeowners can enjoy something unique. In fact, a driveway made of concrete can be further enhanced with a decorative surface, such as an overlay, stamping, staining, and more.