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The Daily Challenges of Warehouse Flooring in Albany

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Albany warehouse environments have many challenges not associated with other commercial businesses. In particular, warehouse flooring typically takes a beating. Although workstations, shelving, and other aspects of this environment are important, the single most critical element is the quality and type of floor. These floors must be perfectly level, and choosing the right type of surface is vital to daily operations.

When you consider the kind of work performed within a warehouse setting, it is easy to understand why the right flooring solution is essential. On a daily basis, these floors receive a tremendous amount of abuse. Between foot, vehicle, and equipment traffic; dropped items; and spilled substances, concrete warehouse flooring will only survive if protected by the right type of finish or coating. The other problem is that when an issue with the floor does arise, shutting down an Albany warehouse for any length of time is impossible.

Thanks to innovative warehouse flooring solutions, everyday challenges become less of a factor. As a prime example, epoxy is a great flooring solution. An expert installer can install epoxy quickly, thereby preventing operational downtime. Also, epoxy is nonporous and seamless so that nothing penetrates. Something else to consider is that epoxy floors are highly resistant to oil, grease, and chemicals that would easily damage or destroy another type of flooring system.

Polished concrete is another great option for Albany warehouse flooring. In addition to the beautiful shiny surface and broad range of colors, polished concrete is incredibly strong and durable. These warehouse floors are also environmentally friendly, allergen and dust free, and easy to clean and maintain. Because of their high light reflectivity, they help brighten otherwise darker areas, which improves safety.

The bottom line is that the requirements for Albany warehouse flooring are unique. The two best solutions available for meeting those requirements are epoxy and polished concrete. When professionally installed, the results will meet, if not exceed, your expectations.