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The Benefits of Concrete Staining for High-End Kitchens in New England

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Two of the many reasons that people love New England is that this part of the country is extremely family oriented and it is the ideal location for a second home. The common denominator between these scenarios is that family and friends gather to enjoy quality time together, especially during the summer and on special holidays. Often, that entails preparing and eating delicious homecooked meals.

Because large gatherings are common in New England, many homes feature high-end kitchens, some that resemble those in fine dining establishments. If you have a chef’s kitchen in a New England home, along with top-of-the-line appliances, the best way to showcase this room is with concrete staining. Whether used solely as a flooring solution or as part of the kitchen countertops, you will quickly become the envy of everyone.

Concrete staining creates a gorgeous aesthetic, and it is strong, durable, and long lasting. When you choose a color or color combination that complements your kitchen’s theme or color palette, you will get years of flawless service out of your newly designed surface.

With concrete staining, you have two options, water-based or acid-based. A water-based stain, which does not penetrate the surface of the concrete, creates more of an opaque look. A key benefit of this option is that you have a massive selection of color choices. The results are gorgeous, perfect for your New England kitchen.

An acid-based stain is different in that along with penetrating the concrete surface, it reacts with a compound in the concrete. Because of that, it becomes a permanent color. Also, this reaction produces a variegated effect. Although you have fewer color choices, this too provides a stunning effect.

Regardless of which direction you ultimately take, concrete staining gets done quickly. The surface in your New England kitchen likely will be ready to enjoy in just a matter of days.