That Best Stamped Concrete Options for a French-Inspired Restaurant in Rexford

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Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete

Although Rexford boasts many different types of restaurants, French-inspired establishments have grown in popularity. Not only is the food delicious and the wine fantastic, but when it comes to atmosphere, these restaurants tend to have an inviting European flair. Because an increasing number of people eat at these dining establishments, as an owner, it is essential that you offer your guests a unique yet authentic experience.

Since décor plays a huge role in the overall dining experience, an excellent way to set your French-inspired restaurant apart from the competition is by having decorative concrete installed. While there are many incredible options to consider, the versatility of stamped concrete makes it an obvious choice.

In France, wood and brick are common materials found in all types of businesses, including restaurants. With stamped concrete, you can create an environment in your Rexford restaurant that makes people feel like they are enjoying an excellent meal in the south of France. One of many significant aspects of this particular decorative concrete solution is that it transforms floors, as well as walls, countertops, and a host of other surfaces.

Because the floor serves as the foundation of your restaurant, you probably want it to be your focus, at least initially. For a smaller French-inspired restaurant, brick is an excellent choice. With this pattern, the floor will resemble the charming brick streets found throughout France. However, if you have an upscale Rexford restaurant, then wood might be the better option.

When choosing either wood or brick stamped concrete, the installer can add whatever color you want, giving the floor even more character. In fact, you can choose different sizes of stamped concrete for a customized aesthetic. For instance, instead of a floor that looks like thin planks of wood, in keeping with the French theme of your restaurant, you should consider a wider plank.