Stamped Concrete in Rexford: Current Trends Worth Knowing About

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Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete

Although stamped concrete in Rexford homes and businesses has been a popular choice for some time, because of advanced materials and techniques, you now have additional trends to consider. While this might make the decision-making process somewhat more challenging, it ultimately means that you have a much greater selection.

Stamped concrete in Rexford is commonly used as a flooring system. However, it has become a popular choice for all types of vertical and horizontal surfaces. That means that you can have stamped concrete applied to fireplace surrounds, walls, countertops, fire pits, water features, and much more. As imagined, this creates a whole new level of creativity for you and others to enjoy.

You might also consider that different textures are being mixed and matched. Initially, professional applicators created just one design. Now, they are using coordinating designs that give surfaces an entirely new look and feel.

As an example, the main floor of a seafood restaurant can be covered with exposed aggregate that resembles natural limestone in dark blue. To enhance the design, stamped concrete of a different exposed aggregate is added around the perimeter in green. Stamped concrete for this Rexford restaurant creates an interesting design element while boasting colors of the ocean.

People are also getting bolder in their color choices when it comes to stamped concrete in Rexford. One reason is that companies like Specialty Concrete Services offer more colors, but this is also due to people wanting something different that makes their home or business stand out. Especially if your company is in a competitive industry, it is important to have individuality. With bolder and more vibrant color options, this goal is achieved.

There is also a trend of business and homeowners paying homage to nature in support of the green movement toward a healthier planet. With stamped concrete in Rexford, this is possible by having a decorative overlay applied. The overlay itself can represent a giant oak tree, ocean waves, a meadow, and so on. When embedded using exposed aggregate, like rock, sand, and even petrified wood, the combination is beyond gorgeous.

Companies are also choosing to use stamped concrete in Rexford to help boost branding. Using different colors and textures, a company’s logo or emblem can be added on the exterior and/or inside the main door for employees and visitors alike to see. With so many exciting trends, the possibilities are endless.