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Stained Concrete: More than a Flooring Solution for Rexford Homeowners

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Polished Stained Concrete Floor AlbanyIf you want to make your Rexford home more appealing, consider stained concrete. For this, you have two options, including a water-based and acid-based stain. Although both produce gorgeous results, there are distinct differences. Either way, when applied to floors, your entire home will have a new look and feel.

With a water-based stain, you end up with an opaque surface, while an acid-stain is translucent. One advantage of choosing a water-based product is that you have a much broader range of colors available. However, the stain only changes the surface of the concrete. When using an acid-based stain, the color penetrates and then reacts with specific chemical compounds. Not only does the color become permanent, but you also get a marbled and original design effect.

Although both types of stained concrete are ideal flooring solutions for your Rexford home, you can do so much more with them. The reason is that these stains also change the appearance of vertical surfaces. Therefore, along with floors, you can have an expert apply them to walls, stair fronts, fireplace surrounds, retaining walls, patio pillars, water features, fire pits, and a host of other things.

Take time to consider how you can use stained concrete in your Rexford home or talk to an expert who can offer recommendations. For instance, if you want new floors in a hearth room in your Rexford home, you might choose one color and then on a focus wall. Choose a different color that either complements or coordinates. As a unique solution, no one else in your neighborhood will have anything like it.

If preferred, you can have a professional use several different colors, further enhancing the design aesthetic of your home. With stained concrete, you can also use a water-based product on one surface and an acid-based product on another. You can also combine the stain with an entirely different type of decorative coating. Whether used inside or outside, concrete stain is perfect.