Stained Concrete Floors

As a New York business, there is a great deal of competition from other companies, leading to the need to make yourself stand out. Stained concrete installed by the professionals at Specialty Concrete Services is the perfect way to do so. This flooring is beautiful and eye-catching as well as cost-effective and durable. As such, it can help your business with everything from promoting your image to sticking to your budget.

Energy Savings

When compared to other types of flooring, polished or stained concrete in New York offers increased energy savings. This material absorbs, stores, and then slowly releases heat or coolness depending on the weather. For businesses in New England with its four distinct seasons, this allows energy savings year-round. Stained concrete can minimize changes to the interior temperature even in the height of summer or winter, decreasing the reliance on air conditioning or heating. Depending on the size of the business, this can save a significant amount of money over the course of a year.

Low Maintenance

Stained concrete floors will require less care and maintenance than other options. Our ability to work with acid stains and dyes from top companies, such as AmeriPolish, Elite Crete, and others, combined with our continued training brings durable finishes to your floors. Even in New York’s areas dramatic seasonal differences, this flooring can resist water, preventing damage when rain or snow is tracked inside. At any time of the year, it will not require more maintenance than sweeping and mopping. There is not even a concern about spilled water or employees tracking in snow due to the water-resistant nature of the material. Moisture exposure will never lead to discoloration or mold on stained concrete, even in New York.


Businesses prefer durable materials. With professional installation by Specialty Concrete Services, stained concrete floors are incredibly durable, avoiding flaking, buckling, and warping and also offering resistance to fading. The stain itself won’t peel or chip, reducing the need for repairs and protecting your company’s investment in the flooring.


The bottom line for most businesses is profit, and when choosing which company to hire or buy from, the majority of consumers will consider sustainability. Selecting a building design that includes sustainable materials, such as stained concrete, shows potential clients that your company cares about the environment and will increase your appeal, which in turn improves sales and profit. Production is energy efficient, and since it is made from local, recycled products, it is one of the most sustainable options available.