Should You Choose Concrete Overlay or Polished Cement Floors for Your New York Property?

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When deciding to renovate your cement floors, you have a number of options available, and you may find yourself wondering whether a concrete overlay or polished cement would be the best choice. Polished cement floors have become increasingly popular in New York in the last few years. If you find you are experiencing difficulty in determining whether polished cement or a concrete overlay is the best choice, you may wish to consider a polished concrete overlay.

Polished Concrete Overlay in New York

Polished Concrete Overlay in New York

With a polished concrete overlay, you can easily transform the appearance of the flooring in your business or home. Concrete slabs can typically be just polished even when there are severe flaws present that necessitate patching. After the floor has been prepared properly, a high-gloss polished finish will give your floor a completely new appearance, however the imperfections, patches and flaws will still be seen.

Concrete overlays are often a viable solution for floors with significant imperfections. Whether your floor has tack holes from carpeting, major cracks, or sections that are not even, a polished concrete overlay allows us to create a new and uniquely smooth surface free of seams. You can then opt to customize the look of your flooring by having us add a colored aggregate, coloration,  or saw cuts to create the look you desire. At Specialty Concrete Services, most of our clients find that this saves them approximately half the amount of money it would cost to install a true stone floor. Furthermore, polished cement overlays effectively hide any imperfections in your original concrete flooring.   Keep in mind that the amount of time it takes us to install a polished concrete overlay will usually depend on the situation and the size and scope of the project.

Polished cement floors in New York can be the ideal solution for a variety of different applications, including residential and commercial properties.

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