Retail Concrete Floors in New York Are on the Rise

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walmart5Many business owners underestimate the power of quality flooring in their New York businesses. While it is true that advertisements and quality products are typically what gets the customers through the door, an aesthetically pleasing décor scheme can have a serious impact on how long they stay. No matter how much effort you put into arranging your products in a pleasing way, if your concrete floors look old or dirty, it could affect how your customers view your products and your New York retail business as a whole.

Why Are Retail Concrete Floors Becoming so Popular?

One of the main benefits of retail concrete floors is their unbeatable durability. Polished concrete, stamped concrete, and even stained concrete can stand up to heavy foot traffic, which is absolutely essential for a retail store. Not only are retail concrete floors incredibly durable, but they are surprisingly easy to maintain, as well. On a daily basis, all you have to do is sweep or dry mop the floor to remove dirt and dust. To clean up spills or ground-in dirt, a wet mop will usually do the trick. Just be sure to use a non-abrasive cleaner.

While durability is a major benefit for retail business owners, the aesthetic appeal of concrete flooring is not to be overlooked. Concrete floors do not have to be dull and lifeless. They can be stained to mimic the look of natural stone, dyed into vibrant colors and patterns, or stamped to look like premium materials, including flagstone, slate, and tile. The bottom line is that you can make your retail concrete floors look exactly how you want. You can also add custom touches, like engraved logos, borders, patterns, and more.

For retail flooring that will last a lifetime, two of the top options are polished concrete and epoxy. Polished concrete is treated with a chemical densifier to create a highly durable surface that is then ground to a shine and coated with a protective sealer. Epoxy flooring is applied in a thin layer and colored with your choice of paint chips, solid pigments, or multicolored pigments in whatever pattern or design you choose. The only limits are the limits of your own imagination!

If you want to upgrade your New York retail store to improve revenue and customer experience, concrete floors are the way to go. Specialty Concrete Services is one of New York’s premier providers of quality decorative concrete products, and our contractors are the best in the business. You can count on us to make your dream for beautiful retail concrete floors in New York a reality. Simply give us a call or fill out the form on our website to request a free estimate!

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