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Questions to Ask When Installing Commercial Concrete Floors in New York

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Commercial Concrete Floors

Commercial Concrete Floors

Commercial floors in New York in spaces such as shopping complexes, supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels experience a tremendous amount of foot and cart traffic. Consequently, such flooring must be able to withstand that amount of traffic along with regular cleaning. Prior to having new commercial concrete floors installed, business owners should take the time to ask several important questions.

First, make a point of asking about available design options. No longer is it necessary for commercial floors to be restricted to basic gray. Various design options, including acid staining and decorative dye coloration, now make it possible for business owners to take advantage of completely customized designs. Businesses with high visibility, including restaurants and retail stores, often select special decorative treatments for their commercial flooring, as such finishes can convey the desired atmosphere or attract attention to certain areas while improving traffic flow.  Concrete flooring finishes can also be enhanced graphically to reflect a particular theme.

Prior to having a new commercial concrete floor installed, business owners should also ask about the maintenance routine for the finish they select. Downtime is critical in any business, and it is vital to understand how much time will need to be allocated for maintenance and upkeep.

Additionally, business owners should inquire about the amount of time required to install their new commercial flooring. The amount of time required to have concrete floors installed is now much less than in the past, largely due to new technologies and products. Even so, it is still important to have a solid idea regarding how much time will be required to install the flooring, particularly if the installation will require any downtime. Business owners should also ensure that the installation contractor will be willing to work around their business hours to handle installation.

For one of the lowest maintenance floor choices, we recommend taking a good close look at polished concrete floors.

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