Protecting concrete driveways new york harsh elements

Concrete Driveway

One reason that people choose concrete driveways in New York is that this material is highly resilient. Naturally, concrete resists stains, spills, and moisture. Concrete is also extremely strong and durable. Concrete for a driveway is a much better choice compared to the alternatives. However, for concrete driveways to survive New York’s hot summers and cold winters, the surface must be properly maintained and sealed.

Proper Maintenance for Driveways

Regardless if concrete driveways in New York are sealed, proper maintenance is mandatory. The surface should be swept and washed off occasionally. In addition, avoid using any type of deicing product. For stubborn grease and oil spots, a contractor can apply a specially formulated product. If the driveway loses its sheen and becomes dull, Specialty Concrete Services can always recoat the surface.

Appropriate Protection for Driveways

 To ensure that concrete driveways in New York last a long time, the experts at Specialty Concrete Services can add a color hardener when creating stamped concrete. When applied to the surface, a gorgeous color is created. This also makes the driveway easier to clean, prevents fading caused by sunlight exposure, strengthens the surface, and makes it more resistant to water penetration and abrasion. By applying several coats of hardener, concrete driveways are more resistant to dirt, grease and oil stains, deicing products, and more.

To extend the life of concrete driveways in New York, a sealer is imperative. As for the type of sealer, this depends on various factors. An acrylic-resin-based sealer is one of the most common choices. With this option, a thin film of protection is added to the surface of the driveway. To boost performance, water resistance, and durability of concrete driveways, this type of sealer is sometimes blended with silicones, polyurethanes, or epoxies.

On their own, acrylics are available in a number of forms, some performing better than others. For instance, at the lower level of performance is styrene acrylic. When this type of acrylic is exposed to sunlight over time, it begins to degrade and yellow. In comparison, pure acrylic resin is a top performer that lasts longer and never yellows.

Concrete driveways in New York are also sealed with penetrating resins, polyurethanes, and epoxies. Generally, polyurethane and epoxy-type sealers are more slippery and do not allow moisture vapor to escape. Ultimately, a highly qualified contractor can determine the best type of sealer for your New York concrete driveway. Among the best options is Specialty Concrete Services.