Prep Tips Required for Installing Stained Concrete Floors

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Once homeowners and business owners see how beautiful stained concrete floors can be, they are often eager to take advantage of stained concrete in their own home or business. In many instances, this means ripping up vinyl, carpet, or other flooring to expose the concrete located underneath that flooring. While most concrete flooring is suitable for stained concrete, Albany property owners should be aware that concrete would often need special surface preparation prior to being ready for concrete staining.

Once a previous layer of flooring is removed, particularly with tile or carpet, there can be any number of surprises, such as water stains, carpet glue, grease stains, caulk, rust spots, or paint drips. Any such contaminants must be removed before a contractor specializing in stained concrete in Albany can begin the concrete staining process.

Why Surface Preparation Is So Important for Stained Concrete Floors

The importance of a clean surface for stained concrete cannot be stressed strongly enough. While concrete coatings and paints can often somewhat disguise contaminants, that is not the case with acid stains, which are transparent and can actually enhance the stains and markings on the surface. Any residue left on the concrete floor will be prone to showing through a newly applied stain. In addition to showing through the stain, any materials left on the floor could also prevent complete stain penetration and inhibit the color from taking to the concrete, causing poor results.

While chemical strippers can be beneficial in removing such residue, special care must be taken when using such materials. This is particularly true when using products that are flammable around floor scrubbing machines.

Stained concrete in Albany homes and businesses can provide numerous benefits, including lasting beauty, but it should be kept in mind that surface preparation is just as important as the products used for staining the floor.