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Popularity of Residential Concrete Patios in New York Has Increased Thanks to Decorative Options

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Over the years, technology, applications, and options have advanced tremendously specific to decorative concrete. Because of that, people in large cities like New York are taking advantage of all the incredible opportunities. For example, an increasing number of New York homeowners are now choosing decorative concrete patios. Instead of dull concrete, color, patterns, and textures are used to achieve a variety of aesthetics.

Especially in dense residential areas where patios are common and often close together, many people want to get away from a cookie-cutter design. Thankfully, those individuals have amazing options for decorative concrete patios in stained concrete, stamped concrete, overlays, unique textures, and much more.

New York is a fun and vibrant city, so why not have a patio with personality and character. To achieve this, decorative concrete is ideal. The key to getting the exact look that you want starts by hiring the right company. From there, you and the professional installer can discuss ideas. Together, you can come up with something extraordinary and unlike any other concrete patio in New York.

One popular choice is acid staining. Because this stain penetrates the concrete, the color is permanent. However, the acid also reacts to chemicals in the concrete, which creates a unique marbled or variegated look. That means that you and 100 of your neighbors could choose acid stain in the same color to transform a patio, yet they would all have an individual effect.

Stamped concrete is another reason that concrete patios have grown in popularity in New York. The installer can create a patio floor that resembles all types of natural materials such as brick, hardwood, slate, and so on. With the right color choice, your patio will definitely stand out from others. Regardless of the type of decorative concrete that you are most interested in, an antislip agent can be added, if preferred. With this, your patio is safer for anyone who spends time enjoying it.