Polished Concrete

If you are interested in achieving the mot durable floor systems form your existing slab without the use of waxes and coatings, then you need to take a close look at polished concrete.  With recent advances in tooling, techniques, equipment and chemicals, polished concrete can take new or old concrete surfaces from a typical dull grey slab and turn them into polished, glossy floors with a wide range of color and pattern choices.

Experienced concrete floor polishing companies like Specialty Concrete in New york are trained experts on turning concrete floors into functional, long lasting, and decorative finishes.  While concrete floors serve a functional purpose as in a warehouse or manufacturing facility, you will notice more and more polished concrete floors appearing in restaurants, hotels, retail stores and even homes.

Concrete polishing takes multiple steps to achieve a high shine.  The process can be done dry or wet and both have their advantages and disadvantages.   Concrete polishing takes a great deal of experience and expertise. There are a many variables that need to be addressed in the concrete, machinery, and diamond pads and disks used and only though experience can you learn the proper ways of polishing concrete.

Each concrete polishing company must invest heavily into very expensive machines and diamond impregnated pads and disks.  This is one of the main costs associated with starting up a concrete polishing company.  Polished concrete floors can range in price from $1.00 to $12.00 per square foot.  The variables include, size of the floor space, condition of the concrete, level of shine desired, and a number of other factors like, color, patterns, designs and more.

In the end polished concrete is a viable option for most concrete floors.  Specialty concrete has what it takes to give you the floor you want at an affordable price.