Polished Concrete Stain in New York Versus Acid Stain

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Polished stained concrete

Polished stained concrete

Although millions of feet of acid staining are done every year, few people understand the differences between using polished concrete stain versus acid stain in New York homes and businesses. Choosing between the two goes well beyond the desire to have a rustic patina or mirror finished floor.

The stain you choose will depend on how you want the space to look and feel, whether refined, contemporary, rustic, themed, and so on. You also need to consider how the floor will be used; the amount of foot traffic; whether the floor will accommodate toys, vehicles, furniture, pets, and equipment; and so on.

Polished concrete stain has unique characteristics and benefits from acid stain. Polished concrete is treated with a chemical densifier and then ground using a grinding polishing tool. The key benefits include easy cleanup, longevity, a variety of colors and designs, resistance to high foot traffic, high light reflectivity, sustainability, and resistance to moisture transmission issues.

Polished concrete eliminates the phenomenon known as “concrete dusting,” which is the accumulation of fine dust powder that becomes airborne and inhaled. Polished concrete stain is also stronger, is highly resistant to abrasions and impact, eliminates tire marks, decreases fork truck tire wear and tear, and has a coefficient of friction. For these reasons, this is the preferred choice for New York dealership showrooms, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, warehouse outlets, and high-end residential properties.

In comparison, an acid stain penetrates the concrete’s surface and reacts chemically with calcium hydroxide. Because the acid slightly etches the surface, metallic salts penetrate easier. The primary benefits include durability, elegance and beauty, energy savings, low maintenance, improved indoor air quality, excellent water resistance, and sustainability.

By understanding the differences between polished concrete stain and acid stain, you will make the decision that is best for your home or business.

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