Polished Cement Floors in Albany: The Environmentally-Friendly Factors that Homeowners Appreciate

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Although the “green movement” has been seen throughout North America for decades, the number of homeowners making environmentally-friendly decisions has increased even more in recent years. One reason for has to do with ongoing public education. However, another reason is that homeowners now have far more options for unique and innovative solutions. The increase in polished cement floors in Albany is a perfect example. While this too has been an option for years, it now offers even more versatility as a flooring solution.

Polished Concrete Floor Repair

Polished Concrete Floor Repair

For one thing, polished cement floors last forever. If you look at buildings that are hundreds of years old, concrete is the one material used in construction still standing. Although it might show some signs of wear and tear, it remains strong and durable. That means as an Albany homeowner, floors made from quality concrete will outlast your time in the home. Not only does this choice add value to the home, but because there is less wasted material, it supports a healthier planet.

Limestone is the predominant material used to make polished cement floors. As the most abundant material in the entire world, this is another way in which your choice uses less natural resources. Keep in mind that if you want other materials added to your floors as a way to enhance their appearance, an Albany installer can use an assortment of recycled materials, including glass, marble chips, plastic, and metal shavings. Again, this makes this a more environmentally-friendly decision over other flooring materials.

Finally, if for some reason your existing concrete floors, as well as driveway, walkway, patio, and other surfaces is beyond repair, which is extremely rare, the old material can be recycled while new polished cement floors are installed. Making this decision for your Albany home allows you to have the gorgeous floors that you want, while still making a choice that protects the earth.