Options Available for Unique Concrete Driveways in Albany

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Albany residents have many more choices than just a simple concrete driveway in a single solid color. While most people may picture a large concrete slab the size of their driveway without any special patterns or designs, there are numerous ways to customize your concrete driveway in Albany. These include adding colors and stains, stamping them to create a gorgeous visual effect, or even engraving the driveway.

Colors and Stains

Dyes and stains are perhaps the easiest unique options for people to visualize as they only change one aspect of the concrete driveway, the color. Colors, such as those from Elite Crete installed by Specialty Concrete Services, tend to be more vibrant than stains. Additionally, stains will frequently offer a wider range of neutral colors, such as those that can be readily found in nature, while dyes will include these colors as well as brighter ones that have been created by humans. Additionally, stains tend to lead to a more varied appearance, while dyes, such as those from AmeriPolish, are typically more uniform in color.


Another simple option to create a unique concrete driveway in Albany is stamping. This involves laying out the concrete and placing a stamp over it while it is still wet to give it a shape or pattern. Stamps are perhaps the most common form of decorative concrete overlays, and there is a wide range of options. It is possible to find stamps that mimic natural stone as well as those in gorgeous patterns with swirling lines or even flowers.


A final way to customize concrete driveways in Albany is via engraving. This typically takes place on your existing driveway as it occurs after the concrete has hardened. The most common engravings will resemble expensive brickwork, but as with stamping, there are also numerous options available.