More Options Now Available for Warehouse Flooring in Albany

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In the past, those looking to install warehouse flooring in Albany had very limited options. These were mostly plain concrete or some sort of polymer or epoxy coating. Today, Albany business owners and warehouse managers can enjoy a much wider range of flooring options. The vast majority of these flooring choices use concrete, meaning that they are incredibly durable, affordable to install over large areas, and easy to maintain. These are just some of the concrete choices you may not be aware of for your warehouse floor.

Polished Concrete

The most popular option among Albany warehouse flooring remains polished concrete. Installation requires an expert to go through multiple steps, using abrasives impregnated with diamonds as well as chemical hardeners in order to produce a durable shell. The diamond abrasives used while installing concrete eliminate surface imperfections so the floor appears seamless. Polished concrete is perfect for warehouses, as it does not need waxes or coatings, is free from allergens, and is easy to maintain. Best of all, it can be an affordable option compared to other hard floor coverings, helping businesses maintain their bottom line.


Instead of relying on the traditional plain concrete, industries can now add stains to their warehouse flooring to make the space more interesting. There is a range of stains, including acid and water based stains, each of which offers a range of colors. This makes it possible to select a stain to hide dirt and debris or one that matches your company’s color scheme. Acid stains rely on opening up the surface pores of the concrete so metallic salts containing color can penetrate the area, and they tend to offer earthy neutral tones.


Dyes are a similar option to acid stains for industrial flooring, but they tend to offer many more color choices. Dyes are also typically bolder and brighter than stains since they have smaller particles that allow the color from AmeriPolish or similar products to penetrate the concrete more easily. As with acid stains, dyes can be used on a fresh concrete floor or on a concrete overlay or resurfacing project designed to strengthen the existing floor in the warehouse.

Other Decoration

There are several decorative flooring options and a warehouse floor could benefit from decorative epoxies to seal and protect the surface of the concrete. These protective epoxies allow you to create a design on the surface of the concrete. They can be used to designate areas for specific uses, mark arrows to indicate traffic flow, or display the company logo just to name a few ideas.