Methods for Customizing Concrete Flooring in Rexford Bars and Nightclubs

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The nightlife in Rexford is vibrant, and for that reason, both locals and visitors have no problem finding a bar or nightclub that is perfect for the experience that they want. Whether looking for a jazz club, a place that plays live rock and roll, or a nightclub where a DJ keeps pop music going to dance the night away, Rexford has it. Something else that Rexford has is a lot of bars and nightclubs that have incorporated concrete flooring in their design aesthetic.

Concrete Floor Design NY

Concrete Floor Design NY

If you thought that concrete floors were only for home installation, you will be surprised to learn that this has now become the hottest trend for bars and nightclubs. There are actually several reasons for this that go beyond concrete being a strong, durable, and long-lasting material. Because of that, these floors can easily handle dropped glasses, spilled wine, and other abuse. However, this is also a versatile solution that can be customized in numerous ways.

Stains and colors, which come in a huge selection, are used to completely transform the appearance of concrete floor. Therefore, if a bar or nightclub wants a color that complements the overall décor and vibe, it can be done. Even different colors can be mixed and matched to create something new. As the owner of an establishment, this gives you the opportunity to work with a professional installer to come up with some unique or even one-of-a-kind design that will set your place apart from others.

Concrete floors in Rexford bars and nightclubs can also be customized by having various materials added. As an example, if you have a cool bar with ocean-side décor, seashells can be added. Because they are part of the actual floor composition, you never have to worry about them being broken or destroyed. If your nightclub in Rexford features hip hop music and bright lights, you can always have colored glass or plastic added to the concrete floor and then polished to bring out the color. With so many creative options, your floors can be customized specifically to your Rexford establishment.