Concrete floors in an Office Building

Making a Statement with the Right Office Floors in New York

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Office Flooring

Office Flooring

In New York, powerful businesses vie for the same customer. Therefore, it is important to make a statement in office design. Because they are the first thing that people see, you definitely want to focus on creating the right office floors for your New York business. Because the type, color, and design of floor you choose will make a statement, this is something that deserves your full attention.

Being walked on and covered with furniture or rugs, office floors in New York are often overlooked. However, the right floors will improve overall aesthetics of the office and boost functionality. Although there are numerous options, including bamboo, solid wood, laminate, tile, and so on, one of the best flooring solutions is concrete.

Concrete office floors are quite the rage in New York. After all, this type of flooring can be beautifully stained with one or multiple colors and can be textured to look like genuine stone, tile, flagstone, wood, or brick. When concrete flooring is installed by a reputable company, such as Specialty Concrete Services, and is well-maintained, it provides decades of impeccable service.

One option for making a statement is to choose concrete office floors in New York that have a warm and rich tone. You can choose a color hue that complements the office décor while making people feel comfortable and welcomed. You might also consider textured concrete, which creates uniqueness and offers slip resistance. From the minute that people enter your office, they will be impressed.

More than one concrete element can be incorporated into the design for your New York office floors. You can have our experts create a specific design, color, or texture for the primary space then use a coordinating design, color, or texture as a complementary feature in another area.

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