Making Concrete Floors in New York More Modern

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Modern Concrete Office Flooring

Modern Concrete Office Flooring

Many homes in New York have a contemporary style. This often touches every aspect of the home, including floors. When talking about a modern aesthetic, this typically involves clean lines, a minimalistic approach, lighter colors, and unique designs. For concrete floors in New York, you have multiple options.

The color of the floor is critical. A modern home can be enhanced with darker floors if you choose the right color. However, if you want to achieve a truly modern aesthetic, you should look at white or light-colored concrete floors. When properly sealed, lighter colors are also easily cleaned and maintained.

To achieve a modern look for your home, your floors should have a high-gloss shine. When concrete floors in New York homes are shiny, they look gorgeous. In addition, glossy floors reflect overhead, natural, and even exterior lighting that makes the space feel modern, larger, and more sophisticated.

The flooring in your home can be modernized with geometrical patterns, as well. Instead of something uniform, many New York homeowners have concrete floors that boast unique patterns. For example, angular shapes, such as large hexagons, look amazing. For a subtle change, your contractor can install lightly exposed aggregate in your polished concrete floors.

Achieving a contemporary look and feel is possible by leaving the concrete in its natural state or having it colored or stained gray. Especially if the decor is more industrial, this would be an excellent solution. Of course, you have a choice of many wonderful colors if you prefer to take that route.

Modern concrete floors in New York can even have added functionality by having a radiant floor heating system installed. Not only will this keep rooms warm during cold days, the flooring itself will be more comfortable so that you no longer have to put on socks or slippers just to get out of bed.

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