Is Decorative Concrete the Right Choice for Your Albany Home Renovation Project?

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One of the latest trends in home renovation is decorative concrete, especially for indoor spaces. Decorative Concrete used to be used primarily for exterior commercial and industrial applications, but modern patterns and textures have made it a great option for interior residential applications as well. If you are looking for an attractive and long-lasting way to give your old flooring new life, decorative concrete is definitely an option you should consider. Installing decorative concrete floors is not a job you should handle yourself, however. Luckily, Specialty Concrete Services has the skills and experience needed to bring your dream of decorative concrete in your Albany home to life.

How Does Decorative Concrete Work?

When you use other hard flooring materials, like tile or wood, you have to worry about leveling out the area and getting the heights just right. With Decorative Concrete, however, you can achieve the look and feel of custom finishes without all the hassle. Decorative Concrete simply involves pouring out a thin cement based product over the existing substrate, and then it is finished by the craftsmen with your choice of patterns and textures before the concrete dries. Decorative Concrete surfaces last for years, and they can be made to imitate the look of all of the most popular materials, including cobblestone, brick, wood, tile, and more.

Benefits of Decorative Concrete for Renovation

Tile, brick, or wood surfaces may be great, and they might give your Albany home a new look and feel, but they just don’t have the same custom impact as decorative concrete.  New technologies in the decorative concrete industry allow for installation of these materials directly over tile, or any other solid substrate which saves time and money for the homeowner.  The advances in coloration and texturing systems also opens up the doors for many custom and unique finishes to compliment the homeowner’s choice of decor.  The finished surface can easily mimic limestone, travertine, and even wood.  By choosing decorative concrete for your renovation, you are sure to be left with a one of a kind unique option that can not be duplicated.