Concrete polishing in New York Home and Business

Is Concrete Floor Polishing Required for New York Homes and Businesses?

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While contemplating new concrete floors for your New York home or business, you may have questions about cleaning and maintenance. In particular, you want to know if concrete floor polishing is a requirement. The simple answer is “no,” although certain decorative concrete finishes do need a sealant applied to the top surface.

Concrete polishing in New York Home and Business

Concrete polishing

Of the most desirable flooring systems for New York homes and businesses, polished concrete is high on the list. This no-wax material has quickly outranked marble, linoleum, granite, and ceramic tile, and for many good reasons. Instead of ongoing concrete floor polishing, the experts use innovative techniques and equipment for grinding the surface to a permanent high-gloss sheen. That means that even with heavy foot traffic, polished concrete will retain its luster and never need coatings or waxes.

The fact that this type of decorative concrete never needs polishing is a huge benefit. However, there are many additional reasons why you should consider this flooring system for your New York home or business. Polished concrete is highly versatile, meaning it works great for multiple applications. You can have a polished floor installed in your foyer, kitchen, master bedroom, hearth room, office, waiting area, board room, or virtually anywhere that you want. As you can see, if your goal is to purchase a flooring system that does not require much maintenance, polished concrete is the ideal choice.

Beyond polished concrete, there are other flooring systems to consider. For instance, stamped concrete, stenciled concrete, epoxy, and overlays are all excellent options for your New York home or business. With these systems, a protective sealant is applied, allowing the finish to retain its original beauty.

Instead of polishing these floors, you would use a simple damp mop. For stubborn stains, including wine and rust, you can use special cleaners recommended by the manufacturer. By installing the right floor, you never have to worry about concrete floor polishing again.