Polished Stained Concrete Floors

Introducing the Strongest, Most Durable, and Longest-Lasting Warehouse Floors in Rexford

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When talking about warehouse floors that excel in strength, durability, and lifespan, two options stand out. Polished concrete and epoxy are top-of-the-line flooring solutions in Rexford. Although unique, they both perform optimally. In warehouse environments, floors take a daily beating. Therefore, they must be able to withstand a great deal of vehicle and foot traffic as well as be resistant to impacts, stains, moisture, and chemicals.

Polished Concrete

For polished concrete floors, special equipment is used to apply coarse-grit diamond abrasives that strip away any surface imperfections. Switching to a finer-grit abrasive, the surface is smoothed out. With that done, a chemical hardener is applied. Formulated to penetrate the concrete, the hardener causes a crystalline structure to form, which gives the floor added density. Again, equipment is used with varying grit abrasives to level and further smooth the floor’s surface.

Often, a concrete dye is added to give warehouse floors in Rexford more personality and character. This provides workers with an enjoyable and upbeat work environment. The floor’s aesthetics can be customized using unique patterns, designs, borders, and even the company logo. Because polished concrete is extremely strong and durable, as well as environmentally friendly and easy to clean and maintain, it is ideal for warehouse settings.


Many warehouses in Rexford depend on epoxy flooring. For dirt, debris, oil, chemicals, and other things that warehouse floors are commonly exposed to, epoxy serves as a strong barrier. Installation starts with the existing concrete surface being ground down with diamond abrasives. This eliminates any contaminants, smooths and levels the surface, and helps open pores so the installer can quickly identify areas that need repair.

Like polished concrete, epoxy is strong, durable, and highly resistant. However, it offers an additional benefit of being slip-resistant. Whether applied as standard epoxy or metallic flake epoxy, once the surface is ready, the installer will apply two coats of clear polyuria. This gives warehouse floors superior resistance and protection qualities.