Concrete floors in an Office Building

Insurance Companies in New York Use Creative Marketing in the Form of Concrete Overlays

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When hearing that insurance companies in New York use concrete overlays as a form of marketing, most people initially think that sounds absurd. In reality, it makes perfect sense. Today, many companies are so intently focused on marketing strategies for the online portion of the business that they overlook huge opportunities for their brick-and-mortar addresses.

Decorative finishes created with concrete overlays are beautiful, strong, durable, and highly resistant to stains to moisture. In addition, when the right color and pattern is selected, they work great for marketing purposes. Decorative overlays are actually an innovative and smart way to garner attention, increase foot traffic, finalize more sales, and drive up company profit.

When people walk into a business, they usually notice two things: the decor and the floor. If insurance offices appear to be well organized and clean, people are more inclined to enter. The floor sends out a very clear message, whether positive, which entices people inside the door, or negative, which prompts them to simply walk by.

The same is true for existing customers in that concrete overlays play a key role in how insurance companies are perceived. When floors are dark, drab, or outdated, it makes people question the level of professionalism, whereas if they are creative and interesting, people feel intrigued. Interestingly, most people develop an opinion without even realizing it.

The goal is to use concrete overlays in the right color, pattern, or texture so that people feel comfortable. Take polished concrete as a prime example. A floor in a gold or light blue color with a mirror-like sheen is going to make people feel welcomed inside. Once they get in the door, salespeople have the opportunity to sell policies. Potential customers will also remember a specific company based on the floor. This makes it easier for them to recall the company name and pass information onto others who want insurance.