Innovative Design Ideas for Stamped Concrete in Albany

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Stamped concrete patio

Stamped concrete patio

Anyone who has used the professionals at Specialty Concrete Services for stamped concrete in Albany will attest to the fact that the finished project exceeded expectations. Although you have other options when it comes to concrete, such as overlays and stenciling, stamped designs are unique, fresh, and exciting.

Outstanding Design Choices

Often, stamped concrete is used for outdoor applications, although it can be used indoors, as well. Regardless of the stamped concrete design ideas you find most interesting, it is important to choose something that complements the overall setting. Designed to resemble slate, cobblestone, brick, flagstone, and other natural materials and available in beautiful colors, the possibilities are endless with stamped concrete.

  • Cozy and Charming – To create a cottage-like look and feel, a cobblestone design is perfect. For this type of stamping, the experts from Specialty Concrete Services create a surface that appears to be naturally worn and flat.
  • Old-World Charm – If you prefer the tradition of old-world charm, consider concrete that looks like English Yorkstone. The corners and edges are rounded and broken, and the texture of the surface looks like naturally fractured stone.
  • Warm and Inviting – For a covered outdoor area that you want to look and feel warm and inviting, fractured slate would be an excellent consideration. In this case, the corners are squared, the edges are straight, and the surface looks naturally fractured.
  • Fun and Interesting – Especially for a large patio or pool deck, fractured earth is a great option for stamped concrete in Albany. As the name implies, the surface looks like ground that has fractured due to a lack of rain.
  • Earthy and Unique – Another design option for stamped concrete in Albany is river stone. You can choose one or more colors to give the surface personality and character. Although the surface has texture, it is still comfortable to walk on.

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